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Published by: Team Pink N Blu

Genres: Parenting & Family

Release Date: Friday, November 13, 2020

Version: 11.0

Approximate Size: 29 MB

Late Update: Friday, November 13, 2020


Pink N Blu Parenting App Pink N Blu, is the Ultimate parenting companion, an all-inclusive platform for parents. We are with you, at every step of your parenting journey, helping you raise happy and healthy children. We strive to make parenting hassle free by providing you with personalized information and services for your child, all in one App. Whether you are pregnant, a new parent, parent of a toddler or a teenager, Pink N Blu has something in store for every parent. Our aim is to address all your parenting concerns and child care at ease. Whether you are seeking advice on schools, require information on pregnancy, child care, or anything in between, Pink N Blu is all that you need. How do we work? Our goal is simple. We want to help all the super parents through their parenting journey. Sign up and Create your child’s profile - Choose the gender, age, location and your relationship with the child. Your relationship with the child can be a parent, grandparent, teacher, doctor, family or a friend. What’s there in the app for you? Pink N Blu aims to inspire, inform and build a community for like-minded parents. All the information in the app are customised to the age and gender of each child. You can now enjoy various categories of content on E-commerce shopping, parenting forums, self -help blogs and videos for kids at different age groups. Pink N Blu Provides: Personalized Commerce | Go To shopping place Purchase your most loved brands for your children easily, right from clothes, shoes, toys and more. Personalized Video Content | Because privacy is what we care for Our video platform is meticulously curated as a safe, informative and fun medium for kids to watch videos. As a parent, you need not worry about your child watching irrelevant content on the internet. Self-help Blogs | Everything about parenting and childcare Pink N Blu features blogs from all around the world passing on the right and relevant content for every parent. The blogs cover various topics from health, education, pregnancy, nutrition to shopping and entertainment. Vaccination Tracker | Prioritising child’s immunization Be tension free with Pink N Blu vaccination reminders. We make sure that you never miss on your child’s important vaccination dates. School/Hospital Finder | Browse the best in your location Finding the best school and doctor for your child can be challenging. With our app, you can easily locate schools and health centers based on your location and amenities preferences. We cover more than 40000 hospitals and 5000 schools across more than 20 cities in India. Moments | Save memories for a lifetime. Pink N Blu makes sure you never miss your child’s best moments. Share them your child’s first walk, his/her fancy dress day to your family and friends directly with the Moments feature. Reminders | Always on schedule Never Miss a deadline again with Pink N Blu reminders. Set reminders, due dates and keep your home and work organised. Parent Help Forum | One-stop for all your parenting questions & answers Connect with parents who are on similar journey. Share and receive real-life tips, advice from expert parents like you. After all, only a parent can understand another parent. Isn’t it? This is only the beginning of our and your child’s journey. We envision adding new features in our app making sure we don't miss on any of the parenting needs. Download the Pink N Blu App NOW and join the exclusive community of SUPER PARENTS and make a difference in your child’s journey.


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