Paranormal Files: Fellow Traveler - Hidden Objects

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Published by: Elephant Games LLC

Genres: Adventure Games

Release Date: Sunday, November 15, 2020

Version: 1.0.1

Approximate Size: 733 MB

Late Update: Sunday, November 15, 2020


A usual ride turns into a scary mysterious adventure after Rick Rogers decides to give a lift to an unknown stranger. All his personal troubles and misfortunes become irrelevant because now he has only three days before his death predicted by a creepy voice from the radio. He has to uncover the mystery of the old mansion and its strange residents and find out the story of the girl who has vanished from his car. HELP RICK ROGERS SOLVE THE RIDDLE OF THE ELUSIVE FELLOW TRAVELER When Rick Rogers decided to give a lift to a cute stranger, he didn’t suspect what consequences this might entail. The fellow traveler vanishes from the car, and the voice from the radio speaker says that Rick’s death is imminent, and the only clue is the address that the hitchhiker girl mentioned. It’s time to go there, Rick! UNCOVER ALL SECRETS OF THE GRIM MANSION Play engaging mini-games and carefully look for the items in hidden object scenes to prove that the curse is not a trouble for ever-cheerful Rick Rogers. IN BONUS CHAPTER: SOLVE THE VERY FIRST CASE OF PARANORMAL FILES AGENCY Paranormal Files Agency is in business! Anyone who encounters paranormal activity can ask Rick Rogers for help. Here’s the first call, and the Agency has got to solve the first case! Shall you make the best of a bad business?! Discover more from Elephant Games! Elephant Games is a casual game developer. Check out our game library at:


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