Passwords Manager : Store & Manage Passwords.

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Password manager and generator helps you to store and manage your passwords.


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Published by: K-T Developers

Genres: Documents

Release Date: Monday, October 12, 2020

Version: 0.1.9

Approximate Size: 9 MB

Late Update: Monday, October 12, 2020


AVAILABLE IN FOLLOWING LANGUAGES -- Russian -- Spanish -- Italian -- Portuguese -- English More languages will be available in future version. Facebook Page: WEBSITE: YouTube: Video Credit: PASSWORDS MANAGER: Modern technology and social media has hacked everyone’s lives. Our lives revolve around our smartphones and smart technologies.Even for a simple photo editing or video editing app, it asks you to create your account which is usually not easy to remember. Most of the applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has millions of user accounts.Mostly each user has multiple accounts on each social media platform and memorizing emails and passwords for each platform makes people bizarre. A part from social media, people engaged with businesses have to maintain their work accounts as well and forgetting work account credentials can lead to some very serious chaos. In order to provide ease, Passwords manager is an application which saves your credentials categorically to saves your time. This application come up with a lot of features including: * It stores your passwords in an encrypted form. * It does not require internet permissions unlike other applications, which means your data is not stored on the internet. * It provides better accessibility in a way that user can save their passwords in the form of categories. * The import/export feature of the application allows user to transfer the credentials in a new environment in case user changes the device. * Another important feature is the password generator. It generated passwords for you with all required validations. * Fingerprint Feature To Login (If supported in your device).


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