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Published by: Black Pyramid 3D Games Studio

Genres: Cars & Vehicles

Release Date: Friday, December 11, 2020

Version: 1.2

Approximate Size: 56 MB

Late Update: Friday, December 11, 2020


Introducing car crusher truck simulator game with 3d junkyard, where you need to drive the crusher crane to crush the cars in to the dumper truck. There are giant trucks in this car crusher crane simulator game. Become an expert dump truck driver and clean the city from the useless cars. You have a lifter crane as well to lift the cars to the dumper truck and move forward. This truck 3d simulator game is way more exciting with real engine sounds and real 3d junkyard environment. First, you need to drive the old car to 3d junkyard in crusher crane truck simulator game. After driving the car, park it under the crusher crane. Switch the mode and now drive the crusher crane. Operate it carefully, and life the old car with the lifter crane. Now, put the car user the crusher crane, into the truck where the car will be crushed. Next step is to collect the scrap material of the car and dump it into the dumpster truck. Again switch the mode, and now drive the dumper truck to its destination, where the crushed car will be recycled. This dumper truck 3d simulator game has many exciting levels. In a massive city, drive the dump truck and explore the big junkyard where hundreds of old vehicles are recycled. While driving the old car, try not to hit the vehicles on the city road otherwise you would fail the level in dump truck simulator game. Play levels and unlock giant crusher crane and many more dump trucks. Its a real time crane simulation game with HD graphics and thrilling sounds. Follow the map while driving truck to junkyard. You will master you dump truck and crusher crane driving skills with this truck simulator game. You will enjoy using the heavy machinery as well in wrecked car simulator game. For more, checkout the Wrecked Car Crusher Crane Driver - Dumper Truck Driving Games Features: Extreme car crusher crane missions with challenging truck driving Heavy cranes and trucks to operate Multiple dumper truck levels with 3d junkyard levels Smooth and easy controls for driving heavy machinery Amazing 3D graphics and real machinery sounds Real time car crushing with heavy cranes Download Car Crusher Crane Driver Dumper Truck Games & enjoy real crane simulation and driving heavy machines.


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