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Published by: BKOOL

Genres: Health & Fitness

Release Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Version: 5.32

Approximate Size: 180 MB

Late Update: Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Discover the best training option for cyclists. You can compete with our thousands of users around the world in real time. Squeeze your Smart roller with the BKOOL platform, designed by and for cyclists. REAL Feel the slope you face on each pedaling, take advantage of the other cyclists' rebuild and choose your terrain. Enjoy the brake of the wind against or sliding by the rain. BKOOL offers you the closest experience to reality for your training. Choose to see your routes in real video uploaded by our users, the most advanced 3D or your position on the map. PROFESSIONALITY FOR ALL Each session in BKOOL can be different. Face yourself to improve your times, choose users you want to challenge or do specific training thanks to our workouts. You choose your goal. Ours is that you improve your results. INTEGRATED BKOOL is compatible with the main training platforms. You can upload your Strava, Training Peaks or Garmin sessions. Collect the best of the interior and exterior and do not lose any data of your work. You can use our professional analysis tool to see your evolution and detect what you want to enhance. COMPATIBLE BKOOL Cycling is compatible with BKOOL and leading manufacturers rollers. Check those supported on our website. Enjoy BKOOL Cycling, train like never before, have fun and improve with every ride.


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