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Release Date: Monday, July 27, 2020

Version: 4.61

Approximate Size: 61 MB

Late Update: Monday, July 27, 2020


Over 215M users love ASKfm! ASKfm is the #1 Q&A social network where you find out more about your friends by seeing their answers to questions you send their way. Ask anonymously or not. It’s entertaining, easy to use, and you'll be surprised how much you learn about other people and even yourself. Meet the ASK coin! Ask and answer questions to get coins! Send open questions to your friends to earn ASK coins. The more interesting your questions are, the more chances your friends will answer them! Another way to get ASK coins is to answer any question, whether it is open, anonymous or sent via Shoutout. Collect ASK coins now to spend them for ASKfm benefits in near future! Every day around the world, ASKfm users are asking and answering over millions of questions in over 40 languages. Once you open the app you can see all the questions your friends have answered and have fun answering questions others have sent to you. Here’s everything the ASKfm app has to offer: • Ask questions to any friend - anonymously or not. • Follow friends to see all the questions they've answered. • Instantly add photos or animated GIFs to any answer. • View everyone that has liked your answers to questions. • A safe environment where you can express yourself freely. • Toggle off anonymous questions for anyone that annoys you. Any issues or questions? Visit us at or ask us a question on ASKfm http:ask.fmaskfmhelp Ask, chat and find new friends, people nearby and even your classmates on the Q&A social network ASKfm. You can sign in via Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte. Stop spamming your friends' stories while asking for questions on Instagram. Real anonymous questions are only on ASKfm. Follow us on: Instagram https:www.instagram.comaskfm Facebook https:www.facebook.comaskfmpage Twitter https:twitter.comaskfm VKontakte https:vk.comaskfm


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