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Do you experience imbalances in your life? Do you feel that you are not living at your maximum level? Are you bogged down by constant health problems? Well, your chakras could be out of balance. This Free 7 Chakra Meditation for Body Healing and Cleansing app will help you to perform chakra activation and manage your energy within your body. This app includes all 7 chakra meditations audio and 3 special categories; 1. Root Chakra 2. Sacral Chakra 3. Solar Plexus Chakra 4. Heart Chakra 5. Throat Chakra 6. Third Eye Chakra 7. Crown Chakra 8. 7 Chakra Meditation 9. Chakra Meditation Collection 10. Chakra Meditation Handbook Honestly, the chakras are the energy centers of the human bodies which act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. So can you improve the quality of your life by balancing these energy vortices? Well yes! But before we explore the benefits of balancing the chakras and how to do it, let's get to know the chakras in brief. What are chakras? A chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. In yoga and meditation, the chakras are wheels or discs located all over the body. There are seven main chakras aligned with the spine. They start from the base of the spine and move in a straight line, along the spine, through the crown. When energy flows unobstructed through these energy centers, your body, mind, and soul will appreciate the coordination and good health. Any obstruction to this flow could harm your overall well-being. How does chakra healing work? A series of major and minor energy centers - called chakras - exist in the body. The chakras are the energy centers of the physical body, where your beliefs and emotions are transformed into your state of health. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affect the health of your tissues and organs, and this can be "seen" in the chakras. Trauma, negative feelings and thoughts can lodge in the chakras and create a blockage (illness) that will hinder the flow of energy. When we do not allow a healthy flow of energy, due to negative thoughts and emotions, we feel tired and weakened, and then we develop a form of illness. Chakra healing consists of releasing the internal resistance that exists within the chakras in order to obtain optimal health. What is chakra healing for? In the most basic sense, chakra healing is used for those who need energy (this includes anemic or malnourished people), although its use is also much broader, as it is not only used to treat illnesses. , but also as a preventive measure commonly practiced by those who adhere to its philosophy. What are the benefits of healing the chakra? Healing through the chakra is said to be able to cure almost any mental illness or disease. The process restores balance for each of the chakra sites, as it is believed that if the chakra has too much or too little energy, it will not function properly. The East Indian philosophy behind the healing of the chakras states that body and mind are connected and that a healthy body is a body in which the energies associated with each chakra are balanced and in harmony.


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