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Published by: Mobjog

Genres: Music & Dance Games

Release Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020

Version: 16.0

Approximate Size: 4 MB

Late Update: Saturday, July 25, 2020


Berimbau is a fun game to play berimbau with the fingers on your smartphone, we have 3 types of this game sounds different to where you can be trained how to play the berimbau, you can even go to the menu of your smartphone and record your music, just by pressing RECORD button first, then the STOP button and then the PLAY button. About berimbau: The berimbau is a stringed instrument of Angolan origin, which was brought to Brazil. Description: It consists of a rod arched, wood or wicker, with a length of approximately 1.50 meters to 1.70 meters and a steel wire (wire) attached at the ends of the stick. At its base is a gourd tied with the bottom cut that works as a sounding board. Hungo The player uses the left hand to sustain the set and practices a movement back and forth from the belly, using a stone or coin (doubloon), to press the wire. The right hand, with a stick, then hits the rope. It is also used Caxixi, which is a small rattle stuck to the fingers of the player. Is very common in Brazil capoeira was developed mainly by descendants of African slaves, is characterized by coups and agile movements and complex, primarily using kicks and sweeps, and head butting, kneeing, elbowing, ground or aerial acrobatics. A good capoeirista never waiver musical instruments for a good fight, including the berimbau.


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