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Published by: Layette Oy

Genres: Parenting & Family

Release Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020

Version: 1.4.12

Approximate Size: 38 MB

Late Update: Thursday, November 12, 2020


Layette maternity app supports the growing family from the beginning of the pregnancy until the toddler’s age of three. You can monitor fetal development and observe your own body changes throughout your pregnancy, week by week, get tips for giving birth and baby care, and useful info on child growth and relationship information. In the pregnancy application, you will also find exercise instructions for body preparation for giving birth and exercises that you can do together with your baby.Based on your estimated due date, the application brings up timely news and information to you about your health, parenthood, and other changes that having a child may bring to your everyday life. You do not have to change the Layette app to anything else when your baby is born. The app continues walk along the family over the wee years. From Layette you will find tips for taking care of the newborn, information about your child's development stages, and support for parenting. The best maternity information in the world comes from Finland. All information on the app is based on facts and valid research and has been reviewed by Sini Havukainen (registered midwife and nurse), Chief Executive Officer of Applicado Oy. KEY FEATURES •Weekly updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s development •Tips, tools and research based information •Articles from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way until your toddler’s age of three •Pelvic floor exercises with supporting videos FEATURES AND TOOLS FOR EXPECTING MUMS •Due date progress bar •Personalised news feed •Lookup for symptoms •Lookup for food safety •Exercises for the pregnant and the new mum •Dad’s guide to pregnancy and fatherhood •Buying for your baby -item list •Guide for emergency for parents •Relaxations for parents and toddlers in audio form In cooperation with our partners, we provide a wide range of information for the everyday life of families with children. In our application, you will find tips for suitable medications for prgnancy and the most convenient baby items. Additionally, we bring you Bailamama's pelvic floor exercises, relationship-related articles from Parisuhdekeskus Kataja, and Vieno's listening relaxation for parents and toddlers. We strive to continue of being the world's most comprehensive source of maternity information and to offer the most versatile features for pregnant and families with children. We're going to bring more tools to the app to keep track of your baby's well being and changes in your body, the ability to restore texts and images of special events, and your baby's milestones. We want build up the world’s best mobile environment for the pregnant and the new families, and we want invite you to help us with that task. We are always open to discuss questions, ideas, and problems concerning the app. The easiest way to contact us is via the contact form that you can find in our app. Layette has been selected as the app of the month in KaksPlus -baby magazine in November 2017. In addition, the application has been selected as Finland's most growth potential digital health app in Growth Open in 2016. Furthermore many medias, professional journals and international publications, have highlighted Layette's superiority as a source of knowledge for growing families based on the world's best maternal baby health information. Applicado is a digital health company that provides world’s best maternity and childcare information throughout the pregnancy until the toddler’s age of three using a mobile app. Layette pregnancy app is based on Finnish national health system that has made Finland the best country to be a mum. With Layette young families can monitor the pregnancy week-by-week, get health tips for pregnant, tips for labour and giving birth and taking care of a new baby and developmental stages of the toddler.


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