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Published by: GES

Genres: Business

Release Date: Saturday, October 3, 2020

Version: 1.1.7

Approximate Size: 28 MB

Late Update: Saturday, October 3, 2020


Security Guard App is the world's most lite & powerful mobile app designed for both security guards and clients that’s highly affordable and exceptionally easy to use. Packed with powerful features, guard access to the mobile app allows the security guards to seamlessly check-in/out of a client site, receive post orders, submit guard tour reports, & stay connected with the team through the in-app messaging software. On the other hand, client access to the mobile app empowers the clients to manage & stay up-to-date on the progress made on-site in real-time and so much more. Security Guard App feature highlights: Build Your Team - Build multiple security teams, add clients, post-sites, or even collaborate with different security teams. Manage Guard & Client Profiles - Right from the mobile app smartly manage every profile. Time Clock - Eliminate the need to carry multiple devices by guards. Live Notifications - Get site-specific live updates of the security operations. Custom Reporting - Design & create custom reports for your teams & clients. GPS Tracking - Track your entire security guard team logged into a site. In-App Messaging - Stay connected with your guards & clients in real-time. Post Orders - Give clear instructions to guards concerning specific sites. Pass-Down Logs - Allow guards to share vital information with other guards. Access Team Reports - Get full access to all reports sent by guards. Full View Of Post Sites - Gain access to critical data at your fingertips. If you’re a security guard or a client looking for a lighter version of a guard tour system, then Security Guard App is the one for you. This smart stand-alone solution will improve operational efficiency, increase workforce accountability, & enhance communication effectively & efficiently. For more information: Visit our website: Terms of use: Privacy policy:


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