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Published by: Spil Games

Genres: Puzzle Games

Release Date: July 28, 2020

Version: 2.1.10

Appproximate Size:

Late Update: July 28, 2020


***** SELECTED BEST OF 2016 ON GOOGLE PLAY ***** Get ready for some good old fashioned trolling. It’s time to bounce into Troll Face Quest Classic for a series of crazy point-and-click challenges and jokes! You may have seen a few of these puzzles before, but they’ve been remixed and refreshed in order to maximise their LOLs. This absolutely hilariously funny video game is a remake that includes many old favourites and some of the weirdest and wildest moments from the Troll Face Quest series. You can enjoy them all in your favourite browser – and you won’t even need WiFi! The best of the rest: Troll Face is waiting to see if you can puzzle your way through this batch of the biggest, best and downright baddest 2D puzzles and fun-tastic video memes. This game is filled with all the great, delirious, silly humour that you’ve come to love. See if you can escape from each of these infamous levels over and over again. Some features: - Over 35 of Troll Face’s best and funniest puzzle games! - Cool characters and even cooler graphics. - Loads of point and click challenges that are WAY trickier and funnier than they may seem. - More laughs and ROFLs than you can count – to chase away the sorrows and woes! All the trolling that you’ll find in Troll Face Quest Classic will provide you with plenty of laughter and chuckles, while giving your brain a workout too. Troll Face isn’t pulling any punches with these puzzles, but it may just pull your leg. Find out if you can beat him at his own game – literally!


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