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Published by: M B Chan

Genres: Music & Dance Games

Release Date: Friday, August 7, 2020

Version: 1.0.2

Approximate Size: 19 MB

Late Update: Friday, August 7, 2020


Learn and practice intervals and ear exercises with YY the squirrel! YY Teaches Intervals is a suite of deceptively simple but extremely effective music games that can be played alone or with teachers, parents, and friends. Built by lifelong musicians and teachers, and starring nationally recognized violinist Ben Chan and his furry friend YY the squirrel, this app trains students on difficult ear and interval concepts so that teachers can focus their lessons on musicality and performance. Interval Acorns gradually introduces intervals across nine levels, 5 instruments, and several modes (including chords). Any student who graduates through Level 9 is guaranteed to be able to recognize intervals up to an octave in almost any real world situation! Likewise, Scale Sprouters gently introduces students to 13 scales and modes (including Blues, Mixolydian, and Pentatonic) as they are tasked with sorting the notes from lowest to highest. Even completing the lowest levels reinforces major and natural minor scales in students' ears. Key Features: - Growing library of interval and ear-based games for children and advanced learners alike! - Fun and engaging game environment that kids love! - All 9 levels of Flyer or Lower are completely free! - Curricula is correlated to to the InstruNOTE Ear and Interval Training program, and is designed to work in tandem or as a stepping stone into more comprehensive study. - Teacher section gives tips and ideas for how to best assign game activities and how to play them cooperatively. - Optional InstruNOTE account (free signup) allows teachers to follow students' progress.


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