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A key part when preparing an aerobics class is to choose the right music. Depending on the intensity you want to give to the exercises, you should choose a music with a more agile, fast rhythm or a slower, more relaxing rhythm. Musics to do aerobic, advanced, moved and fast with energy and motivation to burn calories at home or in the gym and totally free Aerobic is a type of gymnastics that is performed to the sound of music, in a lounge or outdoors. Aerobics brings together all the benefits of aerobic exercise, as well as exercising physical abilities such as flexibility, coordination, orientation, rhythm, etc. The pace of aerobic sessions varies depending on the age of the audience who practices it. The songs used mark the intensity in each moment of the class. Aerobics should also include warm-up and stretching exercises. There are other modalities of this sport, such as the one practiced in the pool (it can be called aquatic aerobics), which incorporates a platform of low height (step), or that combines aerobic exercises with muscle toning. Find your optimum state or start practicing your favorite sport wherever you want and with whom you want and for free. Aerobic music is a dynamic application where they are regularly updated with the best compilations to practice aerobics, fitness ... ..


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